I begun my painting journey several years ago. It was along process of Medium and technique experimentation and digging deep into who I am, what I have to say as an Artist.


I was working full-time, it was eaten away at my creativity.


Sometimes things happen that re-shape the way we look at the world around us and our lives change. For me that was covid. I flourished under lock down, painting became an outlet for me. Finding myself in my own bubble of happiness.

l wanted to continue my with my creativity.

Each of my paintings are inspired by my personal journey though life. Friendship, loss, resilience, bravery, growth, travel, finding happiness.

I live far North in the Highlands of Scotland. I’m spoilt rotten with the beauty that surrounds me.  Jaw-dropping, enchanting, mysterious with its strikingly varied landscape’s. Fairytale castles, long sandy beaches, lochs and secret waterfalls..

“I saw again my eyes were opened  to possibly”

The experience felt a way a can only describe as magical, like I was on the brink of something that would supercharge my spiritual growth.

“I never wanted to leave this feeling”

So here I’m today following my dream.At the beginning of my journey as an artist.